IDS X64 Bus Receiver

IDS X64 Bus Receiver

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Features:Programmable remotesPanic, arm/disarm, stay arming, relay 1 and relay 2 A maximum of 128 remotes in default mode.Three LEDs for communication.Support for Bus-wired operation.Communicates with the Alarm Panel via a...

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Programmable remotes
Panic, arm/disarm, stay arming, relay 1 and relay 2

A maximum of 128 remotes in default mode.
Three LEDs for communication.
Support for Bus-wired operation.
Communicates with the Alarm Panel via a RS485 keypad Bus.
On board tamper switch.
The X64 Alarm Panel supports up to 4 Remote Receivers

The action(s) for the Remote Transmitter buttons can be configured as any non-conflicting
combination of arm/disarm; stay arm, panic, relay1, relay2, or no action.
If none of the Remote Transmitter buttons are assigned as "Panic", then holding any button of a
known Remote Transmitter for 3 seconds or more will cause a "Panic" condition. If a Remote
Transmitter button is assigned to “Panic”, then pushing that button is the only way to cause
remote “Panic”.

Each Remote Receiver offers two Remote Transmitter controlled outputs which may operate
(within their ratings) lights or gates.
The Remote Receiver is NOT waterproof or dust proof. It should be protected from rain and
contaminants. It may be sealed with silicone or adhesive tape. Its components generate a bit of
heat, and their warmth will attract cockroaches. It should be cleaned once or twice a year,
preferably by a soft brush and compressed air.

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