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Takex MS-12FE Dual-Zone: Up To 12m x 180 Degrees

R 2,399.00 R 2,895.00

Takex 180 Degree Outdoor Swivel PIR

  • dual-zone detection system
  • 2-12m coverage
  • rotating sensor heads (±90° horizontal adjustment)
  • selectable NO/NC relay output with 2sec-5min timer function
  • AND/OR detection modes
  • IP54 housing

One of the biggest concerns with using external PIR's is activations caused by animals (both wild and domestic), for this reason TAKEX has produced the 'Dual-Zone' PIR's, combining a horizontal curtain with a downward curtain, both of which need to be activated simultaneously for an alarm. With up to 180˚ 12m range these sensors are perfect for use in both domestic and industrial applications. Pet friendly

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