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Sentry Binary 1TX-Learn 403Mhz

Sentry Binary 1TX-Learn 403Mhz

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Sentry learning 1 Button remote (403MHz)

The SENTRY Learning transmitter is a product offered in 1, 3 and 4-button variants, each capable of learning an existing transmitter's code into its internal memory.

These are transmitters that do not have the customary dipswitch, but feature an internal receiver that allows the user to "clone" the button of an existing transmitter, quickly, easily and conveniently and without having to open the existing transmitter. They are capable of learning any transmitter that sends signals using either the Binary, Trinary or French protocols

Technical Specifications:
Frequency: 403.55Mhz 
Power Source:  12V Battery (23A)
Type Approvals: ICASA TA-2004/741 

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