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Optex BX80NR Wireless Outdoor

R 2,450.00 R 3,000.00

Optex BX80NR Wireless Outdoor

Battery operated outdoor PIR detector for perimeter protection
• 24 meter total detection area(12m on each side)
• Mounting height from 0.8m to 1.2m
• Battery saving circuit
• Low current draw
• Patented double conductive shielding
• Advanced temperature compensation
• Limited detection range function with size judging function

The BX-80NR is quick and easy to install. This unit requires no complicated wiring as it is a battery operated PIR detector. Not only does one save on installation time and cost, but an added benefit of the unit is its slick design that blends in with any architecture.

The BX-80NR offers flexible features. It can easily be added on to any wireless system which has already been installed as this unit is effective with any manufactures' transmitter and receiver.
In addition, this high-tech detector, designed to be wall-mounted centrally on a building, is a new concept in outdoor protection as it increases the effectiveness a security system

Batteries not included

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