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Hikvision Time & Attendance Terminal

R 1,995.00
Hikvision Time & Attendance Terminal
  • Model DS-K1A802MF
  • 2.8-inch LCD display screen
  • Transmission modes of wired network (TCP/IP) and wireless network            Max. 3,000 users, 3,000 fingerprints and 100,000 access control events storage.
  • Configure attendance type by device or by person
  • Locally add the user information (User Name, Card No., Fingerprint, etc.), and configure the shift, shift schedule and the attendance rule
  • Max. 32 normal shifts, 32 man-hour shifts and 32 holiday schedules
  • Set the shift schedule by department or by person
  • Generate the attendance report automatically via the device and the client software
  • Export the report and upgrade the device via the USB disk
  • Inputting Chinese characters, upper-case and lower-case letters, numbers and symbols is
  • available
  • Hint for full report memory


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