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Hikvision 16 Channel 1080p ColorVu Complete Kit

R 13,395.00 R 15,995.00

Hikvision has been leading the security industry in imaging for years. That tradition continues with our powerful new Hikvision ColorVu Technology. ColorVu Technology enables cameras to produce colorful videos even in extremely dimly lit environments.

Darkness provides cover for theft, trespassing, and other crimes.
The Gold Series Cameras has a 0.001 light lux

When using a conventional camera with infrared lighting for night monitoring, people, vehicles, or other important objects are blurry and blend into the background, making it difficult to identify details.

Color-related information is crucial for many scenarios and are a great asset for data and analyses. However, conventional cameras often lose important details when rendering only black and white images. ColorVu Technology is our solution to this common challenge faced by many security system users.

What's in the box
1 x Hikvision Turbo HD 16 Channel DVR- DS-7116HGHI-F1
16 x Hikvision 2MP 1080P ColorVu Bullet Cameras - DS-2CE10DF0T
1 x Xprod 30Amp Power Supply
2 x Xprod RG59 Cable - 100m Roll
1 x 2TB Video Hard Drive
16 x Power Jacks
32 x BNC Connectors


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