EZVIZ LC3 – 4MP 2K Wall Light Security Camera

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EZVIZ LC3 – 4MP 2K Wall Light Security Camera Built-in 32G Storage, Colour Night Vision, Siren and Light Alarm with AI-Powered Human Detection, Two-Way Talk Key Features: All-in-One Security -...

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EZVIZ LC3 – 4MP 2K Wall Light Security Camera

Built-in 32G Storage, Colour Night Vision, Siren and Light Alarm with AI-Powered Human Detection, Two-Way Talk

Key Features:

  • All-in-One Security - Ultra HD 2K Video, Alarm System, Two-Way Audio, and Motion Detection
  • 4MP 2K (2560 1440) ULTRA HD Camera - 157 degree Wide Angle View
  • 700Lumen Adjustable Wall Light
  • Full Color Night Vision - Offer Full Color Night Vision with LED Wall Lights.
  • PIR Sensor & AI-Powered Human Detection - Real time notification when it detects motion of human shapes
  • Active Defense - Remote Activated Alarm System includes loud siren and bright LED strobe
  • Built-in 32GB eMMC Video Storage
  • Two-way-Audio - Microphone range up to 15ft and waterproof high decibel speakers
  • Built to Last - Weatherproof IP65 housing
  • Works with Alexa and Google Home

A two-in-one for smart lighting and advanced security
- The LC3 is an innovative integration of a brightness-adjustable floodlight and a powerful 4MP 2K security camera, which enhances your home safety at all levels - even at night. Doubling as a sleek wall lamp, the LC3 fits into any household to light up dark places with remote smart controls. A security camera at its core, the LC3 features AI-powered person detection, active defense, and two-way communication to effectively watch over outdoor spaces such as patios, hallways, courtyards, and more.

Adjustable brightness with easy controls on the app.
- With an adjustable wall light of up to 700-lumen, the LC3 provides easy, energy-saving custom lighting with simple controls using the EZVIZ App. Use the LC3 to light up your arrival at home, create a delightful backyard atmosphere, or broadcast an audible warning upon human or motion detection. It s your choice.

Superior details with higher resolution.
- The LC3 renders video that s not only brighter, but also clearer. Thanks to its 4MP 2K Ultra HD camera, the LC3 excels at delivering high-quality imaging with sharp details. It s ideal for even large space monitoring.

Clear and colorful imaging, even at night.
- Designed with a large, f2.3 aperture and night vision of up to 10 meters, the LC3 renders clear images in dim light. Even better, the LC3 provides extra support to late-night surveillance thanks to its color night vision feature, which can be automatically or manually switched on with the use of the built-in light*.
*The color night vision mode will be enabled when the LC3 light is at the highest brightness.

AI-powered person detection for alerts that matter.
- With a built-in deep learning AI chip, the LC3 can detect and differentiate human shapes from other moving objects in real time, improving alarm accuracy and sending you push notifications only when necessary.

24/7 protection all around your property.
- A camera and alarm in one, the LC3 will automatically set off a loud 100-dB siren and flash spotlights upon detection of suspicious trespassers, making it a vigilant guard for home protection.

Talk to visitors as if you were there.
- Hear and talk to anyone at your front door with a tap on your smartphone! The LC3 comes with a built-in microphone and speaker so you can effortlessly welcome your visitors or turn away uninvited guests any time, anywhere you are.

Adjustable camera angle for optimal coverage.
- The LC3 has been expertly designed with a wide diagonal field-of-view - up to 140 degrees horizontally and 157 degrees diagonally. This feature reduces blind spots in monitoring and provides extra flexibility for camera setup. Manually rotate and direct the camera with your preferred viewing angle for maximum coverage.

Built-in dual antenna for reliable performance.
- Using the LC3, you will notice far less frustration caused by an unstable Internet connection at your backyard, your front door, and other locations away from your Wi-Fi router. With wall-penetration and anti-interference capabilities, the dual-antenna LC3 handles long-range transmission easily to deliver steady performance.

Built to last.
- The LC3 camera features an IP65-rated enclosure, offering high levels of resistance against dust and water. Simply put, it ensures long-lasting protection even under the toughest weather conditions.

A money-saver on video storage and bandwidth.
- The LC3 features the advanced H.265 video compression technology, achieving better video quality while using only half the bandwidth and half the storage space required by the earlier H.264 standard.

An affordable product with built-in storage.
- The LC3 comes embedded with a 32 GB eMMC, which means you no longer need to go through any hassle or spend extra money on expensive storage cards. The built-in storage capacity ensures easy and secure video storage at all times. You can also choose to add another level of protection by saving your data on EZVIZ CloudPlay with a service subscription. Your data will be safe in case of damage or loss of your device.

Security at Your Fingertips
- With the EZVIZ App, you can capture, save, protect, and share what's valuable to you.
- Support Live View, Two-Way Communication, Instant Push Alerts, Video History, Up to 8x Zoom, Smart Home (Google Home, Amazone Alexa) supported.

What's in the box:
1 x LC3 Smart Security Wall-light Camera
1 x Drill Template
1 x Screw Kit
1 x Quick Start Guide



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