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ET Drive 300 Gate Motor Kit

R 3,899.00 R 4,399.00

A low cost, full featured solution for automating residential gates, up to 300 kgs. Compact, robust design:
Designed from the ground up to be compact BUT
extremely tough and durable.
- High speed, strong and durable electric motor with
removable brushes for easy maintenance
- Tried and tested drive-train proven to be exceptionally
- UV resistant housing to endure long term exposure to harsh
- Lockable single action manual release
- Small footprint for installations where limited space is
Effi cient, reliable operation:
Operating more effi ciently, saving power for when you
need it most.
- Intelligent energy management (as little as 1,5W power
in standby), to maximise effi ciency and extend battery
operation time
- Full battery backup in case of power failure
- Intelligent battery charging for battery longevity
- Battery low and mains failure warning
- Solar power ready

What's in the box
Kit Includes:
1 X ET Drive 300 Motor incl Bttery
2 X ET Remote Transmitters
1 X 4m Raz/Nylon Racks (8 x 500mm pieces)

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