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Ellies FEATVG16 TV Safe

Ellies FEATVG16 TV Safe

R 269.00

The TV Safe is an automated voltage protection device that prevents damage to your TV/audio equipment caused by spikes and low voltage levels. An unexpected change in power supply can lead to irreparable damage to your TV/audio equipment.

- Detects increases in mains voltage. (over voltage)
- Protects against spikes in mains power
- Red “SURGE” LED indicates surge protection active (protected when lit)
- Red “OFF” LED indicates power disconnected, when voltage exceeds 265V. (Safe mode)
- Yellow “WAIT” LED indicator power restored to normal levels, 1-2 minute precautionary wait time. (Reconnecting)
- Green “ON” LED indicates voltage is within set parameters and your TV/audio equipment is receiving normal voltage. (Normal working state)

- Voltage: 230V, 50Hz
- TV/ audio equipment power: up to 600W
- Current: 5A
- Self consumption: 2W
- Over voltage trip point: 265V
- Suitable for all TV/ audio equipment

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