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Ellies FEAFG16 Fridge Safe

Ellies FEAFG16 Fridge Safe

R 299.00 R 399.00

Fridge Safe

The Fridge Safe is an automated voltage protection device that prevents damage to your fridge, freezer or cooler caused by spikes and low voltage levels. An unexpected change in power supply can lead to irreparable damage to your fridge, freezer or coolers compressor motor.

- Detects dips in mains power and low voltage. (brown out)
- Protects against spikes in mains power.
- Red “SURGE” LED indicates surge protection active (protected when lit).
- Red “OFF” LED indicates power disconnected, when voltage drops below 185V. (Safe mode)
- Yellow “WAIT” LED indicator power restored to normal levels, 4 minute precautionary wait time. (Reconnecting)
- Green “ON” LED indicates voltage is within set parameters and your fridge, freezer or cooler is receiving normal voltage. (Normal working state)

- Voltage: 230V, 50Hz
- Fridge, freezer or cooler equipment power: up to 375W (1/2 hp)
- Current: 5A
- Self consumption: 2W
- Over voltage trip point: 185V
- Suitable for all fridge, freezer or cooler equipment.


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