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Olarm Pro Module

R 899.00 R 1,495.00

The Olarm PRO is a multi-network communicator that enables security systems to communicate with monitoring software and the Olarm App. The Olarm PRO connects to the Olarm Network via WiFi and two Olarm managed SIM cards to ensure real-time updates via the Olarm App, and the users Monitoring and Response company to protect their space. The Olarm PRO is a small, well-designed device that plugs into an alarm panel and turns the traditional alarm system into more with the Olarm App. Once the Olarm PRO seamlessly connects to the existing alarm, it improves communication, system maintenance and response time, facilitating and optimising the user's safety network and management.


  • WiFi and Dual GSM (MTN & Vodacom) connectivity (SIM cards included)
  • Manage standard alarm features (arm, disarm, stay, sleep, bypass etc)
  • Advanced features with zone logs, live zone status, full audit trail
  • “Cancel Responder” - inform Armed response from the app in the event of a false alarm
  • Invite & revoke secondary users
  • Control multiple Olarm’s from the app
  • PGM triggers and controls in app
  • Simultaneous Multi-Path Signal routing to monitoring / armed response company


At date of publishing the Olarm App pricing:
6 Month subscription - R 349 (incl VAT)
12 Month subscription - R 649 (incl VAT)
24 Month subscription - R 1,099 (incl VAT)
Signal routing to your armed response is also available - discuss with your armed response.


IDS: 805 / 806* / X-Series: X64* & X16* 
* requires an adaptor board - sold separately

Paradox: MG5050 / SP6000 / SP65 / EVO192

Texecom: Premier 412 / Premier 816 / Premier 816 PLUS / Premier 832
**Does not integrate with the Texecom Elite series

DSC: PC1555 / PC1616 / PC832 / PC864 / PC1808 / PC1832 / PC1864 / PC5005 / PC5010 / PC5015 / PC5020

What's in the box:

  • Olarm PRO device
  • 1m serial cable
  • Mounting hole template
  • 2 x mounting screws
  • 2 x wall plugs

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